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“SnoHawk 10”

A Bell Helicopter UH-1H plus 703, that has undergone significant upgrades. The aircraft was completely overhauled in 2011 and now includes the following upgrades:

  • T53-L-703 engine with AFS Barrier Air Filter
  • 212 tail rotor system, gearboxes and control tubes
  • BLR Strakes and Fast Fin
  • Dual Garmin G500H NVG Nav Panels and systems
  • 212 main transmission support case
  • UH606 Cargo Hook with digital weighing system and read-out
  • New 250 gallon FAST Water Bucket system with back-up
  • New aircraft avionics and audio panels
  • Passenger Shoulder Harness system
  • All major components overhauled to zero-time or replaced

In 2007 the aircraft was equipped with an external Rescue Hoist rated at 600 pounds.

The upgrades give SnoHawk 10 the additional power and stability to utilize devices such as the AirTEP (Airborne Technical Extraction Platform). This platform allows for the simultaneous extraction of multiple individuals from a hoist connection. The versatility of this new asset proved critical in safely extracting both the patient and rescuers during the conclusion of the Wallace Falls Mission.

“SnoHawk 1”

A Hughes 500-P helicopter used primarily for Law Enforcement, Search, and Command & Control. The aircraft is equipped with:

  • BMS Microwave Video Downlink equipment
  • FLIR 8500 camera and video recorder
  • AeroComputers Moving Map system
  • STX-16 NightSun
  • Cargo Hook
  • New main rotor and tail rotor blades
  • All major components overhauled to zero-time


Both helicopters assigned to the Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue Helicopter Rescue Team and can be used for search operations. Typically the smaller Hughes 500 “SnoHawk 1” is used for searching since it is more cost effective to use and is equipped with a FLIR 8500 camera system. “SnoHawk 1” is equipped with a Video Downlink System which can be sent back to any of the area’s Emergency Management departments where live video of a situation can be viewed.

The Bell UH-1H “SnoHawk 10” is used primarily as the rescue helicopter. It is equipped with a Rescue Hoist which is the best tool for inserting rescuers and extracting injured subjects. The “SnoHawk 10” can transport 9 individuals plus a 3 crew members. The aircraft can be easily reconfigured to haul equipment either internally or externally, can be reconfigured to appropriately respond to a “Mass Casualty” incidents by installing a stacked 3 litter system. In addition, “SnoHawk 10” can utilize the use of two 250 gallon “FAST” buckets for fire suppression. Only fires which are a threat to life or structures will be fought using these helicopters.