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We respond to emergency situations when the nature of the injury or terrain requires extraction by air. We bring life-saving equipment, rescue personnel and paramedics directly to our patients to help reduce disability and improve their chances for survival.

We serve our community in the following ways:

  • Search: Using thermal imaging (FLIR), we can search for missing children and Alzheimers patients in urban environments. In the wilderness, our helicopters are essential to finding lost hikers, hunters and campers.
  • Rescue: We can evacuate stranded swimmers, climbers or snowmobilers from inaccessible terrain by rescue hoist or by utilizing the short haul method.
  • Transport: For mass casualty incidents (aircraft accidents, landslides or a bridge collapse), we can rapidly deliver patients to definitive care using a 3 litter system or AirTEP device.
  • Fire Fighting: For fires that threaten life or structures, we rely on two 250 gallon “FAST” buckets for fire suppression.
  • Command & Control: In addition to relaying radio transmissions to the Department of Emergency Management, we are equipped with a Video Downlink System that can be used to send live video straight to the command centers.

Photo Credit: NOM Creative