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Steve Klett


WHY HRT? I became a field team member of Snohomish County Search and Rescue in 1974. In the mid 80’s, I was a member of what has now evolved into HRT. In the early 90’s I began serving as a crew chief and late 90’s acquired my pilot ratings. From the beginning of my service in Search and Rescue, I felt great gratification in coming to the aid of those lost or injured in the backcountry. Additionally, coming to know people of such caliber that they give their time voluntarily to provide assistance to others has been a bonus.

WHAT DO YOU DO OUTSIDE OF HRT? I own and manage an industrial electric motor repair company in Snohomish.

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR FREE TIME? Camping with my wife, Janet. Hunt and fish with my two sons and their families. Marvel at how quickly my grandchildren grow and learn.