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Danny Wikstrom


WHY HRT? It’s been my privilege to serve with HRT since 1996 as the SAR Sergeant. SAR includes the Air Support Unit which HRT is a critical part of. As the lead Crew Chief and Flight Observer I’ve had the unique opportunity and privilege to observe and participate in the evolution of our air support program (HRT). To be a part of this team working together to provide airborne rescue services to those who become lost, injured or killed in this region is the highlight of my career and a tremendous personal blessing. Our equipment is excellent but it’s the very special people I work with that make HRT the excellent lifesaving program that it is. I am so grateful to be a part of this unique team and thank everyone for their part in it.

WHAT DO YOU DO OUTSIDE OF HRT? The SAR/Air Support Unit is my full time occupation. I’ve been a Deputy Sheriff for nearly 33 years, about 23 of those as a sergeant.

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR FREE TIME? I try to be a good, actively involved father, partner and very shortly from now a grandfather. I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, 4x4ing, motorcycle riding and bear hunting. I’m an avid reader, love fine food and enjoy spending time at home with loved ones.